Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm trying.

I'm trying sooooooooooooooooo hard to always be positive with Lebah. But, don't blame me if sometimes I can't. Because I think it's Lebah oneself who makes my negative thinking always stay in my mind.
Geez, I'm trying. Believe me, it's easy to have negative thinking about Lebah. Everyone trying, and can I underline and bold in here, they trying so HARD
Watever lah, just try harder to ignore the negative about Lebah..

anyway, segambreng orang nanyain skripsi gue ni hari. Geez, gimme a break, would you ? I have my own schedule and I'm trying hard to follow it.
I don't mind if my friends asked me about the progress of my thesis, but why asked me every small thing that already written in the PANDUAN SKRIPSI ??
why don't you read it first, then if you don't understand, find someone to explain it to you ?
2 questions, too lazy to read that ? or just want to KEPO my thesis ?

blog-blog gue ini, mo ngoceh apa juga suka-suka gue.. wek!

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