Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my 11 years old sister.

2 minggu lalu nemenin adek gue tersayang buat tes masuk smp, nungguin ampe uda pengen gulinggulingan gue di Marnat. lama beneeeerrr sihh yakkkkkk !! mo ngabur ga bisa, macet di sono. gile. hahaahahh..

tapiii, ternyata dongg.. gue ampe lumutan nungguin si adek tes, dan she made it !!
masuk dongg dia ke SMPK 1 BPK Penabur Bandung. yayyyyyyyy !!!
which means, she' officially in Bandung next year.. and also means, new car for me. hahahah.. since Mumun will be hers, so I will drive another car. hohoho... :) love you, daddy !! mwahmwah..

gue awalnya uda ngga ngexpect apa-apa dari tes masuknya adek gue. hehehe.. ternyata dia masuk aja gituuu !! hihihi. so I've made another plan for my future. part of me wants to stay again in Bandung, take the PPAk class. but the other part of me wants to stay here. well, we'll see.

but, Dad already makes his statement, " You have different path with her, she 'll follow her own path, and so do you. Don't stay in Bandung just because of her. "
raja tega ye babeh gue ? eheheh..
so, well, maybe I'll stick in my old plan. :)

gue mending pas SMA ditendang dari sono, adek gue SMP ajeee gituuuu.. you go girl !! hohoho.. I'm sure she'll be okay.

She's already dreaming about her Junior High time,
how to go to school,
how to get up in the morning *because 'keboisme' is in our blood!* haha!,
which class she'll choose *there's a regular, bilingual, and acceleration class, I think.* but I gave tips for her "you don't have to enter the acceleration class!" hehehe.. =P
what she'll do in weekend *in 2009 it's gonna be 5 days school, and I'm super jealous !*,
what about her piano course, her EF course, etseteraahhh !! hahahaha..

well, I'm pretty amazed with her thoughts loh ! hahah.. she's only 11 and she decide to go to Bandung herself. well, nekad ! hahaha..

and she still want to try St. Aloysius's Jalur Prestasi test just for fun.
geezzzzzz, SUPERB !! hahaha..

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