Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quotesss of the Day

gara2 gue lagi marathon-in Sex and the City, yang tersisa beberapa cd lagi itu, gue dari kmaren lagi seneng aja nulisin quotes dari situ. hahaha.. here they are. :)

Women sit around obsessing about what went wrong over and over again and men just said, "alrighty!", and move on..
( Charlotte )

Soulmate. two little words, one big concept.
a belief that someone, somewhere, is holding the key to your heart. All you have to do is find them. And if you love someone, and it didn't work out, were they just a runner up in the game show 'happily-ever-after' ?
( Carrie )

I like a song with a melody I can sing to
( Carrie )

Carrie : You're pushing me !
Aidan : Maybe you need to be pushed. What's the big deal ? it's jus a stupid piece of paper
Carrie : If it's just a stupid piece of paper, then why do we need it ?
Aidan : Because I need it ! I want to make this official, lock things down. I want whole world to know that you're mine
Carrie : Who else's would I be ? I am yours, there's nobody else ! I love you, but I can't marry you to make you trust me..
( Carrie and Aidan, after black and white ball )

Carrie : What happen with the zsa zsa zsu ? How can you manage a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu ?
Charlotte : what ?
Carrie : The butterflies in your stomache, that appear when you're not only love the person, but you've gotta have them. Isn't that get you through the years ? Because even if it's fades, you have the memory of the zsa zsa zsu...
( Carrie and Charlotte, about their friends who getting married )

I thought what can sustain a relationship until 'the death do us part'
Most singles have more long term success with friends.
So, maybe it's the best strategies to marry a friend ?
( Carrie )

You're there for me in the morning. You're there for me at night. You're there for me in the good. You're there for me in the bad. There in my thoughts. There in my dreams. But most of all, my darling.. You're there in my heart, forever..
( the Bride, last eps season 5th )

Do we need distance to get close ?
( Carrie )

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