Monday, April 20, 2009


anyone read "it's called a break up because it's broken" ?
I did.

sekilaaaasss doang.. hihi. :p
kemaren lagi nganggur, uda nimbang2 mau beli ngga beli ngga di Gramed situ. akhirnya gue baca aja sekilas di situ, toh gue lagi kagak patah hati juga, masa iya gue baca ? ntar kalo ada hawa - hawa patah hati gimenong ? hiahahaha.. :p

then I read about this hetox.

based on Urban Dictionary,
  • A "shetox" or a "hetox" are both essentially a cleansing of the opposite sex from one's life.
  • a shetox/hetox involves going for 60 days or more without ANY interaction with the opposite sex, i.e. NO phone calls, no emails, NO text messages, NO dating, NO sex, NO CONTACT, NO MATTER WHAT.
  • the point of the shetox/hetox is to clear one's mind and rebalance one's emotions after a time of particularly intense mental and emotional stress and/or heartache. Put simply, a hetox/shetox allows one to focus on oneself and get back to a place of healthy heart and mind, and basically, to get over the ex

anyone tried it before ?

actually, I'm in my hetox period. haha. noup, he's not my ex. we're just involved in very complicated situation. and somehow I want a life that less complicated. I've been thru A LOTTTSSS lately. and I don't need this relationship things makes my life more complicated. :p and my main reason is : I miss him as my bestfriend too much. I miss the way he always makes me laugh even I don't want to smile. :)

marah jauhhh lebih gampang buat ngelupain orang. trust me. been there, done that. hahaha.. :p tapi buat yang satu ini gue nggak mau marah - marah. capek. nggak ngefek. eh, ngefek ding, beberapa saat, nggak longlasting, capekin ati doang. hehehe.. simply, I dont want to ruin our relationship.

eventho I'm still wondering, will we meet again in the end ?
mm.. time will tell. :)

Dear God,
jagain dia buat saya yaaaaaa ? jangan biarkan diembat sama wanita-wanita lainnnn~ please ?

hehehehehehh.. :p
duh ah, jangan serius2 bener bacanya. hahahaha.. :p


  1. hahah..i think you like him very much...still like him :)