Monday, April 20, 2009

thanks, God.

Dear, God.
thanks for giving me best parents ever, greatest uncles and aunties, amazing cousins, and extraordinary besties !

wish I can be the loveliest daughter, superb niece, best cousins, and syupahdupah besties for them too. ;)

I always be my mommydaddy's little girl, and sweetest niece that my uncles and aunties ever had. maybe that's why I'm a spoiled child *hehehehe*. They love me in their own way, that's why they always protect me from what the worst world can be.. But I love'em all, and whatever we've been thru. *tsaaaaaaaaah!*

oke, now I'm HUNGRY !
btw, Oreo + Susu putih Indomilk enakkkkkkkkkkk banget loh ! :D

bikin susu ah. gue masi punya beberapa potong oreo di kotak makanan.. heeheeeheeeee~


  1. Amiiinnn...lah,biz doa langsung kelaperan?gmn si nih?bikin ngiler ajaa..enak ye oreo campur susu?hmm..boleh dicoba kayany nh..hehehe..

  2. ehhehehehee.... :p

    enak ren, itu oreo + susu mantep abess.. ^^