Tuesday, August 4, 2009

completely messed up


I know. maybe I just complain too much.

tapi rasanya ini too much. first, broken heart. second, something. third, something. hahahaha...

haaaaaargh !!
si second something itu kenapa ga keluar-keluar siiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkk !! ngitungin hari gue looohhhh... *sigh*

yak. just need to push myself harder. which is I have do that since last month, and this month... I don't think I can. I'm not a quitter, but there's time when enough is enough. gaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!

anyway, aneh rasanyaaa ada om, tante, adek, spupu, etc etc di friendlist facebook gue. hahahha. dan rasanya kalo mereka baca profile gue, ada link buat ke blog ini. hahahah.. *dadah-dadah* :p
super-weird. hahahah.. :)

it's like this, just put this status, and my uncle asked me why... hehe, sweet but well.. it's kind of weird. hahahaha.. it's not like weird in negative way, weird in positive way. hahahahhaa.. *kacaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww !!* still, it's sweet. hehehe.. :) they care about me, they do, I know that. :)

oh, great, now I miss them. :(

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