Monday, February 1, 2010

he's not that far.

hari ini, setaon lalu, gue marah-marah nggak jelas.

hari ini, 3 hours ago, finally hear his happy voice again.
see, many things changed in a year. ehheeh..

little chat here and there. damn, miss him so much ! he's been my besties since junior high, and I almost ruined our friendship last year just because my stupid mistake. hehehee.. :)

I thought I lost my besties when our relationship ended. but when I talked to him just now, I know he's still my besties. :)

Happy Birthday, dut.

hope all your wishes come true. be the happiest birthday boy ever ! :)
and please, don't go back to Indonesia ! I'll kick your big butt if you back for good to our lovely country. okay ? ahaha. I need my besties in Aussie if one day I move to Aussie. :P

you will and always be my ndut.
heheheh.. :)