Sunday, March 7, 2010

random thoughts.

time forrr rrrrandom thoughts !!

no, I'm not abandoning this blog. hahaha. this is my 24 hours sanctuary, cing! :P

I passed my probation period ! yaaaayy to me ! :P and got a raise ! yaaayyy to me again ! ahaha.. that means I have to celebrate it, yes ? at first I want to buy something for myself, buuutt I don't know what to buy. *sigh* frustrating me tho, since my shopping mood is hiiiiiiggghhh ! but I don't know what to buy. :(( Couple times enter Charles and Keith, Rubi, Zara, Mango, window shopping to Bugis, and still don't know what to buy ! OMG.

Urmm, actually I bought something for me, that garance cabas. :P well, my mom bought it for me as a present. hee-hee. Actually I want to pay by myself, but momdad not allowed me to do so. thanks momdad !!


This is the most expensive doll I've ever buy. Recognize the piggywabbit ? :P yep. she appear in You're Beautiful Kdrama. That's why I bought it. haha! It cost me S$ 45 I think. Not regret it, yet. hahaha.. since she's so huggable !


I used to wonder how could almost auditor that I know 'love' to work until after midnight. Last week, I experienced it. dang! hahahah.
2 days in a row go back home on 3 in the morning baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeehh ! after that, I always feel sleepy for a week after.

as quoted from my friend, " Deadline is everything ".
Now, I agree. Didn't feel hungry or sleepy back then.


what else. AH ! My favorite person will be here next month ! *lovelovelove*

At first he said he'll be here next week. Too bad he can't make it. :( My mood is upside down yesterday since I already superexcited for next weekend.. hiks. now I have to adjust the date again. He still don't have fixed date yet, so I have to wait. I'm dying heeeerrrreeee !!

see the pic above ? he's so selfish that he draw himself in cute way and me like that ! hahahaha.. always smile whenever I saw this pic.

whatever. at least he'll be here and I can see him whenever I want. Hear his voice whenever I want. :P


Currently fall in love with this group. Thanks to Ajeng and Putri who poisoned me. Now I'm a die hard fans.

at first I can't even remember their name. It's 13 member in one group for God sake. hahaha.. then I start watching Exploration Human Body, their variety show. And at the end, they're so damn gooodddd at making me laugh hard !

I like Kyuhyun the most. He's so cuteee in Seoul Song mv. :)
then I start fall for Yesung too. Since he's super funny in EHB.
then I realize Leeteuk also has leader charisma, and he's funny too !
then I found that Kangin is cute in his own way.
then I saw Heechul's cuteness and fall for him too !
then I spotted Eunhyuk's angle sometimes same with boyfie's expression, for sure I fall for him too.

my fave song now is Angela. :P

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  1. Super Junior. Super Junior. Super Junior. Super Junior. Super Junior.

    And of course your favorite song HAS GOT TO BE Angela ^_^

    Dan bener ya mak, awalnya gue ga bisa bedain siapa yang mana (secara 13 orang, ini boyband apa tanjidor sih? *quoting Putri*). Eh sekarang, sama trivial things about each member aja gue tau lho XD