Sunday, April 4, 2010

5 months and still counting.

I've been with him since Halloween, so that means I've been in a relationship for 5 months !

whooaaa, for me, that's a record. haha! *dijitak*

secara gue bosenan gitu ya anaknya. dan sangatsangat mudah sekali ilfil dan sangatsangat tidak mudah untuk nggak ilfil lagi. hehehe.. so 5 months is a record. Hope it will be last for... mm, if I say forever, is it too cheesy ? well, then let me say, I hope I will be still with him for our first year anniversary. :) and after that, another year, another year, and another yearssss ahead. :)

dear bestfriend said, reading this blog lately makes her feels like she's reading my love story, but this one is really from the heart. haha! thank you. I just want to keep this feeling, so one day, if I want to look back, I still can feel what I felt before.

Happy 5 months, dear you and me. hehe.. :)

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