Sunday, April 4, 2010


today, me and my friend off to Johor. loveeeeyy !
and I spent all my MYR there. go back to Spore with no MYR anymore. crazzzzyyshopping. haha.. :D and we definitely eat a lotssss of food. haha!

yes, we had a good time ! can't wait till next long weekend, and we'll off to Kuala Lumpuuuurr !

here's my today outfit. :)

tees : coconut island // short : kamiseta // tights : brandless
// shoes : keds // bag : longchamp

oh, here's my latest purchase. champion red canvas by keds. cost me all the shoes shopping budget for a month, but me love it !

I don't know when this is all started, but I think I have new addiction to sneakers. they're just lovely with all the cute color and nice patterns. duh, yesterday I found one sneakers with mozaic patterns in black n white. they're sooo beautiful... *sigh*
and these days the sneakers are not so boy-ish anymore ya ? just like the one that I bought, for me it's girly enough. hehhee...

I used to hate this kind of shoes. because it's too boyish. love and hate have a very thin line, huh ? :P

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