Saturday, May 29, 2010


kemaren temen gue nanya, "njel, rencana merit kapan ?"



ERR !!!

gue diem.
terus dia nanya lagi, "masa lo ampe umur 30 masi belom kepikiran mo merit ?"



honestly iya.
gue masi belom kepikiran tuh mo merit umur brapa. sampai detik ini sih belom kepikiran merit yak. lha wong cowo aja ngga punya, nanti aja kalo emang uda bener ketemu yang the one beneran, baru gue mikir mo merit. selama masi belom nemu dan belom pengen, yaudin. nikmati aja.

kalo roughly calculationnya, kan nanti mo skolah lagi, it will take around 3 years ? itu aja umur gue uda 27. trus kalo jadi kan mo pindah lagi ya, start over, tau2 pasti udah 30 aja. huahahaha.. oke deh. kayaknya gue memang planning smuanya tanpa mikirin gue mo merit kapan. is it a good sign ? no ? yes ?

yah terserah deh. hehehehehe..

untung makbapak gue ga bawel. :p

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

blogwalking !

ya ampppooonn !!

uda lama gila gue ga blogwalking yahhhh ! didn't update the bloglist also. haish...

kemana aja sih lo neeeeekk ?

abis ke-hectic-an ini deh gue janjjjiiiii !! janji pramuka ! :)

why I love blogwalking ? I love to read their experience. We live different life, but this world is flat now. It's as easy as one-two-three to meet new friend from the other parts of the world. :)


inspired by fashionesedaily and this afternoon convo with my colleagues.

There's one decision that I regret until now, well.. mmm, not regret ya.. maybe it's kind of stupid decision due to lack of experience. hahaha.. :D

It's decision that I made when I was in high school, my mom asked me to take my bachelor degree in Aussie, I object.

Then, 2nd chance come, they asked me to take my master degree in Aussie, I already choose UNSW for Master in E-Commerce with double major, which is marketing and international business. But as time goes by, I object also, since it's crises and I still have one younger sister. I don't think it's wise for me if I insist to go. What I want is financially independent as soon as possible.

Why Aussie ? I love this country since the very first visit. I don't know why. I love it. Do we need any reason to love ? :) Maybe it's the experience, maybe it's the food, maybe it's the people. I don't know. I just left my heart there. :)

I grew up with the mindset "Don't stay in Indonesia"
Even my momdad not let me go back to Indonesia. Even if they know I have short holiday, they not ask me to come back for holiday. If I want to come for holiday, they'll allow, but they never ask me to go back. hahahaha.. funny, isn't it ?

Maybe you can say I living my dream now, I live in Singapore now, I make a living in Singapore. but the dream to move and live in Aussie still stay in my heart. I won't forget.
If God allow me, I can move there. :)

It's a dream that I won't give up.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Night with bestie.

So, Siska come over. Today we're wandering around Vivo for Max Brenner, Sentosa for Hershey's, and Dhoby Ghaut for dinner ! yay ! :D

Lovely if I may say. Having your besties here, chitchatting about anything. life is good ! too bad we can't end the day with Starbucks. :p

this is my outfit today !

tees : gaudi / tights : unbranded / shoes : keds /
bag : my weekend bag, bershka ! / bangles : bugis / rings : diva

lately, I just looovvveee to wear a lot, and I mean it, a LOT of bangles and rings. hahahaha.. :p today I wear 2 sets of bangles, and 3 rings. well, I love it. hehehe..

I posted in twitter, I want that ring with real diamonds. BIG diamonds. engagement ring ? *yeaaaaa, wish!*

then, she bought me Starbucks tumbler ! this one is limited edition Indonesian tumbler I think. I like the batik pattern. she told me this LE tumbler is sold out everywhere. crazy ! yay, support Indonesia, people ! :) I want this tumbler in brown, brown batik pattern. oh wait, that just give me an idea, what if I buy the usual tumbler, that one that I can change the skin, then I asked batik cloth from mommy, andddd.... well, I can have my own batik tumbler, right ? tee-hee...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me wanna !

lucu yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! :D

me wanna me wanna ! :D
oh, you can find the shoes here ! :)
it's online shop from malaysia, and now I'm officially droollliiinggg ! most of the collection is killer heels, if only I'm in Indonesia.. *wishful thinking*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I won't stop make my momdad proud.

Daddy just called, he said he proud of me.
I won't stop make them proud, promise.


I will always be my momdad's little girl.

Lucky !
Momdad always let me make my own decision, never blame me if I failed, always be a supportive parents. Whatever decision that I made, whatever path that I choose, they're always there. Thank God. :)

at the other side, sometimes this kind of decision-making-style makes me superdizzy. Seriously ! hahaha.. but they said, "It's your life, you're not little girl anymore, so you make your own decision, we don't want you to blame someone else for the decision that you make."

sometimes, after the decision made, some people will kepokepo and say this say that, you have to do this do that. sometimes my mood just drop, but most of time, they're only kepo and noisy. let's put them aside, shall we ? hahahaha.. :P

Life is about choices and decisions. My decisions makes me who I am now.
and also, I'm a proud daughter have parents like em! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

see you soon.

I miss you.
You said, "See you soon"

You'll be here tomorrow.

I'll see you on Sunday.

you're not my boyfie anymore.

...... if only I can erase the last sentence.


ticktock. in 14 hours you'll be here.
in less than 48 hours I'll see you.

heart, please be okay.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Holiday destination.

MAJOR dilemma !

Almost 7 years ago, I left my heart in Sydney. Yes, I love Aussie. No matter what. hahah.. since that day, I always want to go back to Syd. Always. Never delete Sydney from my holiday destination list. hihihi...

Tekad saya udah buleeeettt awal taon ini mo ke Aussie yah boookkk buat liburan. uda liat tiket, uda mikir mo apply visa, uda mo ngajuin cuti...
waktunya pas, si ndut masi di sono, temen2 gue juga masi banyak yang di sono...

then I bump into my blogwalking list, read Sasti's blog, omg... she's looking for a companion to go to Cambodia and Vietnam. omomomomooooo..... semi-semi backpacking gitu ya. :)
Me and my traveling friend, Judith, udah ngomongin ini booowwwww ! mau, tapi belom nemu waktunya. rencana awal sih tadinya taon depan tengah2 gitu, tapi entah deh... hihihi.


ke Aussie waktunya uda pas banget !
tapi ke Kamboja Vietnam ini lho jarang ada yang mau... jadi gimanaaaaaaa dwong ? :( aku bingung. bingung. bingung.

Lately am so not into liburan-wisata-belanja. Pengennya liat-liat, jalan-jalan, poto2, nambah pengalaman lah. Efek gue di sini dan efek gampangnya shipping ke Spore kali ya, jadi blanja pun gak ampe yang bangetbanget. *blagu*

on second thought, my wishlist before 30 !
Have to visit at least 10 countries before 30. If I go to Cambodia-Vietnamm...... then +2 ! 5 countries left. ahahahaha....

gimana ya.
gimana ya.
gimana ya.

love at the first sight.

First time I saw you is on Sunday.

Just finished watching Iron Man 2 with my housemate, then a little walk, then my eye 'catch' you. You smile at me. I smiled back, and left.

At night I can't forget you at all. All my friend said, "Go for it!"
Gosh. Maybe this is it. Eventho my mind said, "DON'T! enough!"
but my heart said, "Go for it..."

I really don't want to live with regrets.

Then, yesterday one of my besties want to meet up with me, and guess whaaaat ?! I saw you again ! You smiled back to me. My heart melts. You know what happened next....

I asked for my size, and VOILA ! I bring her home ! :P
Lovely ! Isn't she ?!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Digicam.

I finally decided to buy this cam. :D

After wandering around and contemplating between the 'usual' digicam or the 'high-end' one, I chose Canon Ixus 130. :P

I love S90, surely do. but well, I think I won't use all the high-end features since I like the simple one. As I said, I'm not a photographer, just love to taking pics wherever whenever. Capturing moments of my life. :)

and I think Ixus 130 is enough. hee-hee.

I haven't bought it, since it's a present from momdad, and they let me use my cc here, but too baddddd my cc is expired this month. :( so I have to wait until next weekend to buy this cam. hee-hee...

Now I confuse which color to choooosseeeeeeeeee !!

pink ? or black ? or orange ? def no silver. my previous cam is silver.. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

mau gilaaaa !

kerjaan segabruk-gabruk
mood naik turun parah
tapi otak kerja full !

kebayang ?

gue sih pusing lho. hahhahaha...

I live my life in fast line.
kadang gue maunya jalan kaki bentar, nikmatin angin, dan nyari timing yang tepat buat pindah ke jalur cepat lagi. tapi tapi tapi....
gak mungkin kayanya.

Kayanya baru taon kemaren kok pusing antara mau kerja di Jakarta ato Spore. mikirnya berat. berat bener.
Saat sekarang settling down bentar, udah harus memilih lagi dan deadlinenya akhir taon ! OMG.

Saya lagi capek berpikir.

Kadang kalo lagi superdown, kepikirannya gini..
"merit enak yah ? uda ga usa cape2 mikir lagi"


Sunday, May 2, 2010

am not that though.

everytime I see your name popped in my messenger list, my heart still jump.

I know everything won't be the same anymore even we said we'll be fine.

Deep down here still missing you.
Wishing that everything will back to how it used to be.

Sebatu-batunya saya, sekeras-kerasnya saya.
Saya kangen sama kamu.