Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Digicam.

I finally decided to buy this cam. :D

After wandering around and contemplating between the 'usual' digicam or the 'high-end' one, I chose Canon Ixus 130. :P

I love S90, surely do. but well, I think I won't use all the high-end features since I like the simple one. As I said, I'm not a photographer, just love to taking pics wherever whenever. Capturing moments of my life. :)

and I think Ixus 130 is enough. hee-hee.

I haven't bought it, since it's a present from momdad, and they let me use my cc here, but too baddddd my cc is expired this month. :( so I have to wait until next weekend to buy this cam. hee-hee...

Now I confuse which color to choooosseeeeeeeeee !!

pink ? or black ? or orange ? def no silver. my previous cam is silver.. :)

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