Wednesday, May 26, 2010


inspired by fashionesedaily and this afternoon convo with my colleagues.

There's one decision that I regret until now, well.. mmm, not regret ya.. maybe it's kind of stupid decision due to lack of experience. hahaha.. :D

It's decision that I made when I was in high school, my mom asked me to take my bachelor degree in Aussie, I object.

Then, 2nd chance come, they asked me to take my master degree in Aussie, I already choose UNSW for Master in E-Commerce with double major, which is marketing and international business. But as time goes by, I object also, since it's crises and I still have one younger sister. I don't think it's wise for me if I insist to go. What I want is financially independent as soon as possible.

Why Aussie ? I love this country since the very first visit. I don't know why. I love it. Do we need any reason to love ? :) Maybe it's the experience, maybe it's the food, maybe it's the people. I don't know. I just left my heart there. :)

I grew up with the mindset "Don't stay in Indonesia"
Even my momdad not let me go back to Indonesia. Even if they know I have short holiday, they not ask me to come back for holiday. If I want to come for holiday, they'll allow, but they never ask me to go back. hahahaha.. funny, isn't it ?

Maybe you can say I living my dream now, I live in Singapore now, I make a living in Singapore. but the dream to move and live in Aussie still stay in my heart. I won't forget.
If God allow me, I can move there. :)

It's a dream that I won't give up.

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  1. ayo ke siniiiii gue tungguin haeuheauhaeuhea