Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I won't stop make my momdad proud.

Daddy just called, he said he proud of me.
I won't stop make them proud, promise.


I will always be my momdad's little girl.

Lucky !
Momdad always let me make my own decision, never blame me if I failed, always be a supportive parents. Whatever decision that I made, whatever path that I choose, they're always there. Thank God. :)

at the other side, sometimes this kind of decision-making-style makes me superdizzy. Seriously ! hahaha.. but they said, "It's your life, you're not little girl anymore, so you make your own decision, we don't want you to blame someone else for the decision that you make."

sometimes, after the decision made, some people will kepokepo and say this say that, you have to do this do that. sometimes my mood just drop, but most of time, they're only kepo and noisy. let's put them aside, shall we ? hahahaha.. :P

Life is about choices and decisions. My decisions makes me who I am now.
and also, I'm a proud daughter have parents like em! :)

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