Friday, May 14, 2010

love at the first sight.

First time I saw you is on Sunday.

Just finished watching Iron Man 2 with my housemate, then a little walk, then my eye 'catch' you. You smile at me. I smiled back, and left.

At night I can't forget you at all. All my friend said, "Go for it!"
Gosh. Maybe this is it. Eventho my mind said, "DON'T! enough!"
but my heart said, "Go for it..."

I really don't want to live with regrets.

Then, yesterday one of my besties want to meet up with me, and guess whaaaat ?! I saw you again ! You smiled back to me. My heart melts. You know what happened next....

I asked for my size, and VOILA ! I bring her home ! :P
Lovely ! Isn't she ?!

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