Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me wanna !

lucu yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! :D

me wanna me wanna ! :D
oh, you can find the shoes here ! :)
it's online shop from malaysia, and now I'm officially droollliiinggg ! most of the collection is killer heels, if only I'm in Indonesia.. *wishful thinking*


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  2. hi again.. whoa the white ones are soo cute! Okay, I probably won't survive the heels, but they're just too cute! :D

  3. yeeesss ! they're too cute ! hahaha..

    sure you can survive with heels dear, practice ! hahaha.. :)

    I used to 'allergic' to heels too. Now, I'm in love and never look back ! err.. sometimes in my lazy day I wear flats too.. :P