Sunday, May 23, 2010

Night with bestie.

So, Siska come over. Today we're wandering around Vivo for Max Brenner, Sentosa for Hershey's, and Dhoby Ghaut for dinner ! yay ! :D

Lovely if I may say. Having your besties here, chitchatting about anything. life is good ! too bad we can't end the day with Starbucks. :p

this is my outfit today !

tees : gaudi / tights : unbranded / shoes : keds /
bag : my weekend bag, bershka ! / bangles : bugis / rings : diva

lately, I just looovvveee to wear a lot, and I mean it, a LOT of bangles and rings. hahahaha.. :p today I wear 2 sets of bangles, and 3 rings. well, I love it. hehehe..

I posted in twitter, I want that ring with real diamonds. BIG diamonds. engagement ring ? *yeaaaaa, wish!*

then, she bought me Starbucks tumbler ! this one is limited edition Indonesian tumbler I think. I like the batik pattern. she told me this LE tumbler is sold out everywhere. crazy ! yay, support Indonesia, people ! :) I want this tumbler in brown, brown batik pattern. oh wait, that just give me an idea, what if I buy the usual tumbler, that one that I can change the skin, then I asked batik cloth from mommy, andddd.... well, I can have my own batik tumbler, right ? tee-hee...

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