Saturday, June 5, 2010

back to basic.

I love edgy !

black, grey, deep purple, you name it. I love it.
but, I am still me, who love colors.

tees : giordano | shawl : cottonink | jegging : uniqlo | rings : brandless, found it in anchorpoint |shoes : charles and keith

I like this rings. vintage yet lovely.

it's my accidental snap. hahahhaa.. forgot that I set the cam for 3 snap in a time. :p
I kind of like it.


  1. love this! yaay.. love Cotton Ink! :D
    though I don't have any of the fringe ones..
    I'm soo eyeing on that Uniqlo jeggings.. :D

  2. dsy, buy buy buy ! hahaha.. uniqlo jeggings enak kok dipakenya. :D