Sunday, August 22, 2010

Story from my seat.

Terlalu males buat ada di rumah. And here I am, nungguin Q di starbucks. Hehehe...

No, he's not arrive yet. So here I am sipping my caramel macchiato, enjoying the wind, and see people come and go. :)

Young family in front of me, I don't know what language they use. Maybe Spanish, or Portuguese.. :) I think they call their family overseas using skype.. Or maybe arrange some business ? :)

Another couple over there. My guessing they're brother and sister. Or maybe new couple ? Hehehe.. They just talk and take a pic of each other. Hihih. Tourist definitely. :) oops, the boy is starring at me. Hahahaha..

Another couple is just sit and enjoy the coffee and wifi here.. Having their me time together I think. Heheh..

2 uncles behind me is just enjoying their afternoon together. Maybe they're long lost friend ? Or too long not to see each other ? So many stories to tell, so little time... :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

brighten my day.

sudah lama nampaknya gue nggak nulis di sini deeeehh.. :p

well, sampe gatau mo nulis apa. hihihi. :p

some highlight for this month
  • got a raise ! *again* thanks Boss !
  • bought a zara shoes ! for those who don't know, sepatu zara di gue mau yang teplek, yang heels, yang killer heels, size nya selalu ga matching ama kaki gue ! bete kan ? tapi pas kemaren iseng cobain, this shoes is the perfect one ! soft pink sih warnanya, but wth.. I don't care ! hahahaha.. :p
  • Bali is ON ! tiket pesawat confirm, but not the hotel. Am still contemplating between one hotel and the other. :p yay ! I'll have my first oh-so-me-only holiday. :p udah sejuta dua belas orang nanyain ke gue, "ke bali sendiri ? yakin lo?" udah mau muntab jawabnya. iye, sendiri, ngapa sih emang ? ngga akan ilang juga gue. tsk.

    buat gue, mending gue pergi sendiri daripada gue gak jelas aiueo ngumpulin orang dan at the end gue nggak ke mana-mana. I learned that hard way you kno.. so, I'd rather plan my own holiday, and at the end if someone want to go with me, absolutely okay lowh. but just follow my plan. hahahahahahhahha..
  • got a MJ tote bag in coral. OMG, LOVEEEE !!