Sunday, August 22, 2010

Story from my seat.

Terlalu males buat ada di rumah. And here I am, nungguin Q di starbucks. Hehehe...

No, he's not arrive yet. So here I am sipping my caramel macchiato, enjoying the wind, and see people come and go. :)

Young family in front of me, I don't know what language they use. Maybe Spanish, or Portuguese.. :) I think they call their family overseas using skype.. Or maybe arrange some business ? :)

Another couple over there. My guessing they're brother and sister. Or maybe new couple ? Hehehe.. They just talk and take a pic of each other. Hihih. Tourist definitely. :) oops, the boy is starring at me. Hahahaha..

Another couple is just sit and enjoy the coffee and wifi here.. Having their me time together I think. Heheh..

2 uncles behind me is just enjoying their afternoon together. Maybe they're long lost friend ? Or too long not to see each other ? So many stories to tell, so little time... :)

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