Sunday, October 31, 2010

One year.

One year. 365 days.

A year ago, I've had my sweetest Halloween. The memories stays. Longer than I thought. A year ago it's sweet. Now it's bitter.

Since 4 years ago, I never know when is enough is enough. How can I let you go, the one that always amazing me in everyway. But, here I am now, saying to myself that I've had enough. This is my closing.

This is it.
I let you go.
My final goodbye.
My closing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a HAPPY fangirl.

I survived Singapore KPopNight 2010 !! :)))))

I was there. I WAS there. Scream my lungs out. Nyehehehee... :)

No fancam/fanvid from me, just some livetweet that I'll recap later ya.. :)

Arrived around 6.30, with the thought that all of them already in the venue so kita ga perlu ngantri lama2, yang ternyata slaah aja. Yang boleh masuk duluan itu standing pit sajah. Seat gue di cat 4, dan paling belakang. Whahahakkk... !! Beneran di paling belakang gituh. Luckily I can see the stage clearly. Even if the person in front of me stand. :)

The concert start at 8 sharp. Ada mc, ngibrilngibril, and they call the first band, FT Islanddd !!! Their song is not my fave, but since they just released their new single, 2 out of 4 song that they sang I can humm with the rest of the crowd. They sang nicely live !! At least for my hearing ya.. :))

Next is the Boss, ze:a, Infinite. Honestly, I don't know who they are, what they sang. But they sang nicely !! All of them is good! It's like listen to the record, seriusan deh! All of their song is friendly to my ear, yes, later I'll search and listen to it. :)

Time flies, I don't even know it's time for the 5th band !! It's SHInee !! Omo. *faints*

I just scream and at the same time froze when they show their vcr on stage. It's them. On stage. Only a hundreds meter from my seat. Sang. Dance. Awesomely. *faints*

First song is Replay. Noona neomu yeppoooooooo !!! *happyfangirl* Jonghyun not there, I think some of his line sang by Taemin and Key. Omg. Key !! Key is... It's like even from a far you know it's him! Ngedancenya, gerakgeriknya, you know it's him.

2nd song is ringdingdong. I fall for them all over again. I'm in the same room with them. Breath the same air. Ohmy!! Ah, there's few seconds I froze saw Onew. He sang his line. Stand there. And I just froze. His voice is awesome. And until now I can't erase that few seconds from my mind. Geez !!! Hahahahahaha.. *shameshame!*

Next is Lucifer. They sang for a few min, but for me it's just a few seconds. I froze. Thanks babies!! Noona senaaaangg !!!

The last song is Hello. My fave song !! I sing a long with the rest of the crowd. And I can't take my eyes from Key. Uhuhuhuu !! He's handsome u knoooww ! T_T

Time flies time flies. Too trembling to tweet. Hahahah. So I wasn't really pay attention to SNSD performance since I was crazy chat with my friends. Damn I see SHInee liveeeeeeee !!!

Saat gue udah kembali ke bumi dari awangawang, it's time for BigBang !! Wuooooooghhhhhh !! Not too familiar with their old song soalnya gue baru dengerin mereka juga belakangan.. :)

They on stage. The crowd is screaming like crazyyyyyyyy !!!! They're that GOOD !! Omg.

Waktu TOP buka kacamata, it's epiiiiiiiicccc !! He's HOTHOTHOT !! T_T

All of them simply pake white tees, jeans / black pants, and leather jackets. They're sexy and hot !! *fangirl bahagia*

The crowd is still screaming like crazyyyyyy !! And I'm beyond happyyy !! Ohmy !! Hahaha.
Lagu keempat, dan aku siap saying goodbye. But NO !! Mereka keluar lagi dari belakang, in total they sang 7 song. And I was there. Happy. In heaven.

My fave is haruharu ballad. Taeyang and his move is... Wuooooooowwwwww !! He's sexier live. Hahahaahaa.. :p

I survived KPopNight 2010. I'm beyond happy. My highlight from last night is SHInee and BigBang. Guys !! You made my night !!!

Next is Super Show 3. *ready to bleed*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

See the BIG picture.

You know, first 2 years after graduated from university, work can be such a bitch ! Hahaha. Seriously.

Saat itu lo akan berpikir kalo sekolah itu lebih enak. Well, ga juga sih. Hahaha. Less responsibility memang, but on the other hand, masa mau 'nadah' mulu ama bonyok ? Kapan mau mandiri ? Kapan mau nabung ampe gila buat traveling ?

Ada enak dan ga enaknya emang. Pas kuliah rasanya pengen cepet kerja, because assignment and exams are the bitches. Pas kerja, workload yang terlalu banyak is the bitch. :p see, have some lost some. :)

Now I think I'm in the lowest time di kerjaan. Almost a year being an auditor. Dan workload ini membunuhku. Gatau juga kalo ini efek pms whatsoever. Lack of motivation and now I feel lost. Even when I focused to my big-goal.

Hope I can solve this, soon! It's killing me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

is real love exist ?

Just a random thought.
Is real love still exist ?

Those kind of love that I saw in Disney movie. Those love that I dream about it. Is it still exist in the real world ?

Dear my future hubby, whoever you are, wherever you are. I still believe that real love still exist. You will be my proof for that. Well, I'm still a little girl inside, so yes, I still believe all the love stories in the book is real. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween is COMING !

Means, if we're not broke up, we'll celebrate our first year anniv this Halloween. :(
Well, too bad we're now only bestfriends.

Apa gue jadi benci Halloween ? well.. a bit. hahahah. SEE !! this is why gue gak pengen tanggal jadian gue pas lagi ngerayain apaaaa gitu, Valentine lah, Natal lah, include Halloween. Soalnya jadi gampang diinget ! Benci.
Ya gak papa sih kalo lasted forever and ever. Lha kalo kasusnya kaya gue beginih ? hakakak..

Anyway, time will heal. well, we're besties now, so.. *ohok* we'll probably spend Halloween together this year. not as a couple, but as a bestie. Just two of us. *ohok*

Funny convo happens when I told him about Safari Night Halloween !

Me : eh, lo ke Night Safari Halloween ga ?
Him : Kannnnnnn ! Lo sih tega ! tau gue kudu nabung, lo malah ajakin gue senang-senang mulu.
Me : *bengong* lha gue kan cuma nanyaaaaaaaaaa~
Him : oiya yak. ge-er gue... :D


Dem, pengen ke Night Safari, tapi weekend gue FULL !
Yang kosong cuma pas Halloween Nightnya doang, soalnya minggu ini kelewat sudah, minggu depan gue bakal ke Indo, minggu depannya lagi gue ke KPopNight, dan cuma nyisa pas akhir bulan aja. Which is tiketnya $50 aje. Ergh!

Nyesel nggak sih putus ama si Q ? iya.