Saturday, October 23, 2010

See the BIG picture.

You know, first 2 years after graduated from university, work can be such a bitch ! Hahaha. Seriously.

Saat itu lo akan berpikir kalo sekolah itu lebih enak. Well, ga juga sih. Hahaha. Less responsibility memang, but on the other hand, masa mau 'nadah' mulu ama bonyok ? Kapan mau mandiri ? Kapan mau nabung ampe gila buat traveling ?

Ada enak dan ga enaknya emang. Pas kuliah rasanya pengen cepet kerja, because assignment and exams are the bitches. Pas kerja, workload yang terlalu banyak is the bitch. :p see, have some lost some. :)

Now I think I'm in the lowest time di kerjaan. Almost a year being an auditor. Dan workload ini membunuhku. Gatau juga kalo ini efek pms whatsoever. Lack of motivation and now I feel lost. Even when I focused to my big-goal.

Hope I can solve this, soon! It's killing me.

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