Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

Where I heard that song yah ? Friday. Saturday. Sunday. boom. boom ! :p

#nowplaying 2PM - I'll be back
Yeah, I'm listening to SeoulFM. :) Go there if you want to listen to Kpop. :)

So, last saturday, I went to go to Orchard with my besties. Guess whaaaaaatt ? she'll move to Spore ! huehee.. She'll be my colleague soon, just wait for her E-pass approval. Let's wish her all the best ! :)
Am happy she'll be my colleague, but as I asked in my twitter, most of them said it's not a good thing to work in the same place with besties. Different stories if work first, then be friend later. Well, both of us hope everthing is as smooth as before even we're colleagues. :)

Just watched Hello Stranger. I gave 3 of 5 stars. hehe..
I only like the first half of the movie, then the rest is just so-so.. I don't know why most of my friend said this movie is very good. Maybe I put too high expectation ? hehehe..
For me, the storyline is too slow. I yawned many times. heheh..

And what should I say about Sunday ?
I had badmood in the afternoon but someone help me make up my day at night. Went to vivo for my Sunday coffee time & me time with books. Then we had a nice chitchat, nice dinner. hehe.. :)

I better not to put high my hope. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disney's Rapunzel !

I love you very much. I love you more. I love you most. - Rapunzel.

me likey ! :) Not a big fan of Rapunzel story before, my favorite is Cinderella and Beauty & the Beast.. heheheheh.. but after this, Rapunzel also my favorite ! I like her in brunette tho, with Yuna hairstyle. hehe.. :p

And yes, as usual, I cried. hahahah.. in the lantern part ! it's just so beautiful. :)

This is what I wore today. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

random thoughts.

Saturday night, 10.21 PM.
Playing in my iTunes Shania Twain - Forever and for Always.

"I'm keeping you forever and for always...."

Haish. Many things in my head. and it's only 8th day in 2011. And yes, I decided it will be a fast pace year again.

I decided to enroll for CPA Australia this year. Plan to visit their office today tho, but I can't make it. Too lazy to go out from my room. hehe... Procrastinate again. *sigh* but yeaaah, it's a good decision rite ? enroll as fast as possible. It will make my journey to move out to Aussie starts as soon as possible too. :)

No, I didn't want to move out to Aussie that badly. I didn't hate Singapore. It's just my.. umm, how to say ? mm.. it's kind of dream for me. it's like a goal of my life to move there. hehe.. :) I like it here, it's been almost 2 years I'm here and so far sooo good. Also, my fave person still stayed here.. so, yeah. :)


Anyway, 2 besties told me last year that they're getting married in 2012 !! awesooommeeee~ am I gonna be their bridesmaid ? hihihi.. we'll see. :) oooohh, am soooo excited !! they're my bestfriend !! one is from highschool years, and other one is from uni life. congrats ladies !

and me ? hahah. momdad directly asked me to find myself boyfriend. they said, enough playing around. just make one of them your boyfriend. ugh. if only I can, mom.. If only. :) since even I'm single, but too bad someone stole my heart already. When I can let him go, I'll find myself a boyfriend slash soon to be hubby. :p no more playing around, promise. :)

ytd one of my colleague asked me who's my boyfie now. I said that I'm single. he didn't believe me, AT ALL. damn. hahahah. he asked me since when ? Directly I told him since April. Guess what he said, "YOU DIDN'T LOOK LIKE SINGLE ! how can you survive ? "
LMAO. :p

My feelings kind of out of control lately. I promised myself will let him go. but the truth is.. I can't. It's not as easy as making an instant noodle. 3 mins and ding! and what made the feelings worse is somehow, I saw that sparks again. Those sparks I thought he lost it. Didn't put high hope tho.... but it still give me butterflies. :)


Speaking about last new year eve's celebration, mom dad visited me again, as usual, for new year. :) and we shop like craaaazzy ! hahaha..
I got some tees, dress, bag, and sandals !

love you momdad, really. Will post the stuff later. toooo lazy to take my cam. hehhehee.. :p

woh, it's a long post yaaaa ! hihhihi.. :)
I'll end this post here. Will blab again tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep. :p

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Yeaaar !!!

I wish you all a happy years ahead. :)

What's your 2011 resolutions ? or wishlist ? I separated those two this year. ahahaha.. :)

My 2011 Resolution

  • Take CPA. Like it or not. :)
  • Drink less coffee
  • Back to 43 kg
  • 1 magz per month
  • 6 new shoes only for this year

My 2010 Wishlist
  • F1 Night Race Singapore
  • South Korea visa approval
  • HK for Christmas with family
  • iPhone 5 or 4Gs, or whatever iPhone. I need new phone. :D
  • Shinee in Singapore
  • Meet Hyukkie in person