Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday. Saturday. Sunday

Where I heard that song yah ? Friday. Saturday. Sunday. boom. boom ! :p

#nowplaying 2PM - I'll be back
Yeah, I'm listening to SeoulFM. :) Go there if you want to listen to Kpop. :)

So, last saturday, I went to go to Orchard with my besties. Guess whaaaaaatt ? she'll move to Spore ! huehee.. She'll be my colleague soon, just wait for her E-pass approval. Let's wish her all the best ! :)
Am happy she'll be my colleague, but as I asked in my twitter, most of them said it's not a good thing to work in the same place with besties. Different stories if work first, then be friend later. Well, both of us hope everthing is as smooth as before even we're colleagues. :)

Just watched Hello Stranger. I gave 3 of 5 stars. hehe..
I only like the first half of the movie, then the rest is just so-so.. I don't know why most of my friend said this movie is very good. Maybe I put too high expectation ? hehehe..
For me, the storyline is too slow. I yawned many times. heheh..

And what should I say about Sunday ?
I had badmood in the afternoon but someone help me make up my day at night. Went to vivo for my Sunday coffee time & me time with books. Then we had a nice chitchat, nice dinner. hehe.. :)

I better not to put high my hope. :)

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