Saturday, January 8, 2011

random thoughts.

Saturday night, 10.21 PM.
Playing in my iTunes Shania Twain - Forever and for Always.

"I'm keeping you forever and for always...."

Haish. Many things in my head. and it's only 8th day in 2011. And yes, I decided it will be a fast pace year again.

I decided to enroll for CPA Australia this year. Plan to visit their office today tho, but I can't make it. Too lazy to go out from my room. hehe... Procrastinate again. *sigh* but yeaaah, it's a good decision rite ? enroll as fast as possible. It will make my journey to move out to Aussie starts as soon as possible too. :)

No, I didn't want to move out to Aussie that badly. I didn't hate Singapore. It's just my.. umm, how to say ? mm.. it's kind of dream for me. it's like a goal of my life to move there. hehe.. :) I like it here, it's been almost 2 years I'm here and so far sooo good. Also, my fave person still stayed here.. so, yeah. :)


Anyway, 2 besties told me last year that they're getting married in 2012 !! awesooommeeee~ am I gonna be their bridesmaid ? hihihi.. we'll see. :) oooohh, am soooo excited !! they're my bestfriend !! one is from highschool years, and other one is from uni life. congrats ladies !

and me ? hahah. momdad directly asked me to find myself boyfriend. they said, enough playing around. just make one of them your boyfriend. ugh. if only I can, mom.. If only. :) since even I'm single, but too bad someone stole my heart already. When I can let him go, I'll find myself a boyfriend slash soon to be hubby. :p no more playing around, promise. :)

ytd one of my colleague asked me who's my boyfie now. I said that I'm single. he didn't believe me, AT ALL. damn. hahahah. he asked me since when ? Directly I told him since April. Guess what he said, "YOU DIDN'T LOOK LIKE SINGLE ! how can you survive ? "
LMAO. :p

My feelings kind of out of control lately. I promised myself will let him go. but the truth is.. I can't. It's not as easy as making an instant noodle. 3 mins and ding! and what made the feelings worse is somehow, I saw that sparks again. Those sparks I thought he lost it. Didn't put high hope tho.... but it still give me butterflies. :)


Speaking about last new year eve's celebration, mom dad visited me again, as usual, for new year. :) and we shop like craaaazzy ! hahaha..
I got some tees, dress, bag, and sandals !

love you momdad, really. Will post the stuff later. toooo lazy to take my cam. hehhehee.. :p

woh, it's a long post yaaaa ! hihhihi.. :)
I'll end this post here. Will blab again tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep. :p

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