Monday, February 21, 2011

How's your Valentine's day ?

I still have a bad relationship with Valentine's day. hihihihi..

24 y.o, was in a relationship for more than 5 times, but I never celebrate my Valentine's day with my boyfie. Even worse, the last time is the same day with Chinese New Year and for me and my prev boyfie, family comes first. :)

Once I received a Valentine's gift from someone, and until now I don't know who he is ! ahahha.. :) eh.. wait, as long as I remember, one of my college boyfie nembak gue pas Valentine deh. Seinget gue yah.. huehehe. but it didn't last long. hehee..

Plus, gue geli ama sweetpink ! hahaha. am not a girlyfrilly girl, so sweetpink really makes me want to puke. :P and I don't like roses, sunflower better, it's big, it's bright, it's yellow ! hihihii..
or even better, just take me to have a shoeshopping for Valentine's day. :P

just a random thought. :P
oh anyway, it's 6 mos to go to my trip to Korea. and just knew that the temp will be around 15-20C ! my friends said it's cold. okay, so it's time for coats and layered outfit, which I LOVE ! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nights to remember

Super Show 3 in Singapore.
29-30 January 2011.

I enjoyed every seconds of it. I treasured every moment in my mind. The boys was awesome !

I watched twice with my besties. We consider this as celebration for our promotion and increment. hahaha. :)


If I may say, first night was awesome and 2nd night was super awesome. *big grin*

Pertama kali liat mereka live, dan deket banget gilak, gue speechless. Mereka exactly mirip plek sama yang gue liat di dvd, ama yang gue liat di youtube, ama yang gue liat di mv. Am I screaming like crazy ? HELL yeah. We lost our control since the lights out.. But most of time, I just.. speechless.

Really. the feeling is just like you see them in a SUPERBIGscreen and they actually can come out from the screen and shake your hand. It's not that I lost my interest in them. But, see them live.. kalo gue bilang rasanya kaya liat temen lama trus mereka baik-baik aja dan kita lega. *fiuh~*
gitu. hehehe..

I'm just an ordinary elf that love them like crazy. But it feels like I met an old friend for coffeetime when I saw them. Their attitude, their appearance.. it's just the same with them in the media and real life. hahaha..

Teukkie is the best leader. He come to every corner, waving to us, made eye contact as much as possible, wave, and give us deep bows. He's awesome leader.. Just now I watched Strong Heart with him in it and Heechul as a guest, yep, I cried. :)

Siwon, I'm pretty sure he's not human. Hot body, nice abs, kind eyes, open personality, nice voice, love God. Is he for real ? or just a hologram ? hehehe.. :)

Donghae, Shy shy type of guy. Smile shyly, wave shyly, but can be gorgeous at the same time.

Kyu.. Well, blame him if I change my bias to him. 2 days in a row, he's so close to our seat. He's that close. his voice is awesome. I want him to sing me a lullaby ! hehehehe.. He smile like a lost child. I joked with my friend, I said maybe in Kyu's thought is like this, " OMG what's these girls doing ? maybe if I smile they'll scream." hahaha.. :P

Yesung, I LOVE HIM. I HEART HIS VOICE. My hand trembling when whole stadium sang It has to be you. Maybe it's adrenaline, but suddenly I can sing a long too. hahahha.. :p

and him.
Eunhyuk. My favorite person of the night. The stage that big and I just can't take my eyes of him. He's a teaser and player and show off type of guy. He know he's handsome. I wish he's mine. hahahahah.. *ignore this*this is an elf talking* :p

My favorite performance.. BONAMANA ! OMG they're awesome and at the 2nd night, the whole stadium sang it together with them ! and next is Eunhyuk and Donghae duet, I wanna Love You. then all the song. hahaha.. from A Man in Love, No Other, Sorry Sorry, U.. All of them.

Then there's SJ Orchestra. They pretend to play an instrument and then Kangin appear, at the end they blow heart shape paper to the stage. White, and touching. I believe some of us cried. :) We miss Kangin.

the dancing, the voices, the stage act, everything was perfect and awesome. and I didn't mind watch them for the 3rd or 4th times. They're awesome.

I definitely will watch next SuperShow, whenever it is.