Sunday, March 13, 2011


mom just texted me this morning that one of her friend looking for a place to stay for one night but can't find it so she offered my place.

really mom, I won't care if there's another room available in this house, she can sleep there. but the problem is, she'll sleep in my room, it's me who need to take out the extra bed from the storage room, queen size. it's me who need to laundry the sheet after she stay here. me. and I don't like doing laundry. plus, she'll hold my key which is I need to wait for someone to arrive at home to go home. not to forget that it's on saturday. the day that I want to sleep late and wake up late in the sunday afternoon.

for God sake ya.
if I'm not wrong the ibis bencoleen will cost her $100 plus, since it's low season. and, if you rent a room in the apt in the city, it will cost her also a hundred plus. why bugging me ?
just go to a hotel lah. I will tolerate if she's one of my family member, and traveling together with more than 2 ppl. but she'll traveling only 2 ppl, and she said can't find an apt to rent. JUST GO BOOK HOTEL !!!

geez. I'm pissed off.

No, I don't care if she's my mom besties, I never meet her before. and I don't like stay with stranger.

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