Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strangers, again

just finish watch this short movie.

Make me give a second thought abt my last relationship. oh wait, maybe it's a hundredddthh thoughts about that one. hehe..

It's been a year.

Last year, around this time me and my last boyfie broke up. end up just like that, to be honest at that time, I don't know whether I'm too tired to respond him, or maybe I'm too tired trying, or maybe I realised that we're really only meant to be a good friend, I just said okay.
Without hesitation, without any argument.

errrr.. my argument only, "I thought we're just fine."

I'm tired trying really, at that time.
And this video make me thinking, what if at that time, I argued ? if I said No ?

Silly, I know. But sometimes I do jealous to couple who fight. hehehe..
At least you know what's on other half mind.

Am I okay now ? I'm doing good. really.
We back to be a good friend for each other, even our workload most of times avoid us to meet frequently.

Sometimes I miss him as my boyfie. not as my bestfriend, really. Sometimes I can't help it, what if one day he's in a relationship with other girl ? hehe. Will I lost my place to share story again ?

I lost my bestfriend once, time difference sucks BIG time, and since he's now in a relationship and everything, well.. he's a good example for 24/7 boyfriend. ehehe..
Now we're only stranger. Friend. not bestfriend. He used to be my place to share everything, from just a silly thought, or a deep one. He talk to me like he talk with his fellow guy friend. I talked to him with no filter. ahh.. old times. :)

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