Sunday, July 24, 2011


Do you have your own bubble ?

Bubble in my own terms is the place that only you and your favorite things exist. Only you and them. No parents allowed, and for sure no your love of your life allowed. :p

I need to be in my own bubbles once in a while. When I'm to tired to face the world. Because the world sometimes is too cruel. hehe.. Reality bites, and I hate the ugly truths. so, well.. I need to be in the bubbles just because sometimes it's so nice to be alone.

You can call it me time, but I have my own me time. it's when I'm alone, but still can be disturbed. When I'm in the bubbles, no one can disturb me, I'll be so quiet. I lost interest to talk to people. I lost interest to meet people. When I need a break, it's time to make my bubbles and get in there.

Kadang takut kelamaan di dalem bubbles, takut bakal jadi anti social. hehehehe.. I need it anyway, just to take a break from this world yang rasanya makin lama makin aneh aja. Everytime I know myself mulai masuk ke dalem bubbles, I always told myself, jangan kelamaan di dalem sana. Don't be too comfy.

So, do you have your own bubbles ?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I survived Korean Music Wave 2011 concert

yay !!

pics courtesy of @diahlestari