Saturday, August 13, 2011

in a relationship

What are you doing with your love ones when you're in a long distance relationship ?

ahahaha, nope. I'm not in a relationship, yet.
on-off with this guy, but well, we enjoying this. then again, I'm not in the point to be in a relationship yet.

just suddenly I browse thru the youtube, and listen to the cover song. and suddenly remember me and my ex like to do this while chatting. Basically we chat, and we're browsing thru the youtube. or his status show what music he listen too, and we will listen to the same song. In my case, he won't care, since I only listen to kpop song after I know SJ, and he didn't like nor understand what's so big about kpop thing. *slap!* :p

Being in a long distance relationship is harder. It's you can't meet everyday *that's too much* or every weekend. and sometimes you can't smell something is wrong by chat. For me at least, I don't like talking on the phone, time consuming. Except the time I already want to sleep. Sometimes my momdad will call me around that time, I won't mind.

You can't share the story, at first can lah, but there's some point that the respond is only "oh.. ", "hahaha", "then... ?" because the other party didn't understand at all and you found that it's better to talk to someone who's near and clearly understand what situation you're in.

Somehow, a long distance can be boringgg ! seriously. hahahaha.. :p

I didn't plan to have another long distance relationship. But at the end, love don't care about where you are and where is he. It might be someone close, or someone far away. You never know.

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