Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday wishlist hunting

So I stroll around Orchard to find the birthday gift for myself. Clock is ticking and I'm leaving Singapore in 6 days. hihihi.. :p Dan gue sama sekali belom kepengen apa2 buat birthday gue, bisa dipelototin sama temen2 gue di sini wishlistnya belon keluar. hahaah.. :P

Akhirnya dapet deh ngincer pumps peach gitu di stradivarius. :) Dikasih Alive nya bigbang juga gue kagak nolak sih yak. hihaihaiahiahi.. :P

the outfit

shirt : zara / outer : retail therapy / short : gaudi / belt : H&M

both from accesorize

Sunday, March 18, 2012

dressy mood.

Sejak hari kamis gue lagi in a dressy mood.

Kamis ngantor pake dress H&M long sleeve *lupa moto*, yang disangka anak kantor gue ada dating appointment after office hours. :D

gue beli ini dari :) I love how their dress fit me nicely. hehehehe.. :D

then since temen gue pada bilang itu dress kurang 'party' buat ke kawinan temen gue, hari ini gue ke Far East, dress hunting lagi ! hahahah..

And I added another 2 dress to my wardrobe. Dipeseninnya sih gue gak bole pake warna pastel, so I end up bought black one shoulder dress.. ada warna tangerine gitu, tapi gue demek banget pake warna itu.. so I'm thinking to ask my mom's friend to tailor the dress for me in yellow ! yiha ! :p kalo gak bisa, yaudah gue pake item aja trus printilannya gue pake warna warni.. *maapkan aku sidud !* kan item merah kuning ijo itu warna warni.. ya gaaaaaaa ?

oh then, gue beli peter pan collar red dress. hihihihi. ini bisa dipake ngantor sih, besok aja ngantor gue rencana pake dress lagi. behehehe.. :p

Well, those pretty pretty frilly dress is just not me tho. That's why gue gak sampe hati buat beli dan pake. hahah.. karena ujungnya ga akan kepake juga. so, why bother ? :P

the outfit

tees : uniqlo | short : pull & bear | shoes : from | bag : H&M


1 resolution in 2012


it's officially accomplished. yay ! I sign an employment letter alreadyyyyyyyyyyy !! *jogetpisang* :p I'll start a new job in mid April. and now am counting down for my last day in the current office. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY ! :P

I have 3 *yes, THREE* countdown list on my phone. My last day, my bali trip, my birthday. :) It's 12 days before my last day in the current office, 12 days before I start my bali trip, and 20 days until my 25th birthday. homagaaahhh.. saya hampir 25 tahun dan rasanya masih belon ngapa2in !

Anyway, forget about the birthday. I'll visit Bali end of this month. :)

rencana awal ? budget holiday, guling2an di kamar hotel, spa, baca buku, nongkrong2 lucu di coffeeshop, tidur.

Current itinerary ? visit Ubud, Potato Head, Rock Bar, Massimo, Jimbaran for seafood, meet up with an ex colleague yang sekarang kerja di one of the hottest place to get married lately *sigh*, then meet up with besties and her soon-to-be hubby which is uber coincidence banget lagi prewed photoshoot, an old friend who will be my traveling buddy for this Bali trip. it's gonna be superFUN !

Still contemplating to try Sunday Brunch in Boneka, St Regis. Review superb, and recommended by some of my friend and my traveling buddy's friend. But it will cost me IDR495,000 for the Sunday brunch. Shall we try it ? Check it here for further info. :) gak tegaaaa saya buang duit segitu cuma buat sekali meal, even dikate all you can eat juga. hahaks.

Again, trip Bali ini acara jalan2nya cuma kemana kaki melangkah aja. Karena itinerary gue itu brekkie di mana, lunch di mana, dinner di mana. behehehe.. gimana gak nggendut ntar gue balik dari Bali, yes ? :D

btw, sowwy potonya seadanya. lupa kamera gak kebawa, sampe rumah udah rontok pula langsung ganti baju trus ngeblog. :P

the outfit

tees : coconut island // short : pull & bear // shoes : melissa

on repeat

Sunday, March 11, 2012


the city

the outfit

tanktop : H&M. jacket : cache cache. short : cotton on
shoes : nike. bag : charles & keith

There's iLight Marina Bay 2012 in Marina Bay area from yesterday until April. So, I went there with my friend and her parents. Pernah gue mention di sini ga ya betapa gue selalu mellow kalo liat Singapore citylights dari daerah Marina situ ? heheheh..

Gue doang kali ya, tapi beneran gue cinta sama lelampuan ini kota kalo diliat dari esplanade area. :) speaking about why I love to hang out around Esplanade *kalo gak males, jauh bok dari rumah!* satu lagi yang bikin tambah cinta selaen lelampuannya, kalo weekend di esplanade ada performance gitu di theathre on the bay-nya. *ehem* dating place material, people! *ehem*

Dulu kalo di Indo mau nyari yang live performance pas weekend tinggal ke Serpong, ada deh tuh ampe malem. Di sini susah ! Jarang cafe yang ada live performancenya gitu. Tsk....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

the urge to write

being on sick leave for 2 days and left hanging by the korean drama I followed, bikin gue nyari hiburan laen yang gak bikin sakit kepala.

baca. baca. baca !

gue glued sama hape gue sendiri, reading this and that. end up gue baca cerita 70 chaps. It's fanfiction anyway, dan rasanya susah ya nemu fanfic yang well written and with the nice english and not 'cheap'. If you know what I mean. :) dan gue glueeeeeeeddd sama fanfic ini. hahah.. hopefully the ending won't dissapoint me.

then gue baca Joker by @vabyo. I won't make any review here. the book ending is totally awesome. totally. It's either I'm not that sharp anymore guessing the ending gara2 jarang baca, ato penulisnya bagus banget ! :) I recommend that book.

lately emang jarang baca sih, baca berita aja jarang. kayaknya itu yang bikin otak mandek ngga nulis2 di blog dan lebih banyak bergaul di twitter. hehehehe.. even di twitter gue pun isinya belakangan omelan sih. tempat sampah. ahaha.. gara2 baca ini itu belakangan ini, dari kemaren pengen ngisi lagi ni blog regularly. no pressure, dear me. semoga kesampean yah niat mulia ini. LOL

Anyway, mom and sis just texted me whole day. They will take tour for this June. this big sista can't go with them tho.. Masih probation period in June, since I'll commence work in mid April in the new office. This is when I envy daddy to run his own business, adjustment for meeting here and there, leaving note here and there, and he's ready to go whenever he want. While me ? Stuckkkkk in the office. hihihihi..

Mom choose between Japan or Europe. I asked her to postponed the Euro-trip to next year, jadi gue bisa ikut ! Jepang gue masih bisa mampu pegi sendiri anyway. While Euro ? with all the plan A to Z for the next coming year, I don't think I can go to Europe..

Duh, am gonna miss this year family holiday.. :(

Sunday, March 4, 2012

my kinda days.

the outfit

top : brandless, from est bandung. short : kami
bag : longchamp. shoes : jason wu for melissa

the hauls

china glaze shocking pink neon.
mac quads call me bubbles from cook/shop line.
la roche posay's effaclar k - not in the pictures.

the foods.

from Robert Timms' whole day breakfast menu.

my three months in two thousand twelve

So many stories since the last post. So many laughs since the last post. So many soul-less state since the last post. :)

  • I survived Super Junior Super Show 4 in Singapore last 18 - 19 February. Yep, another 2 days show in Singapore. Another Soul-less state night. I got the terrace for the 1st night, and the arena seat for the 2nd night. Terrace is our usual seat for concert, but the arena seat is for my first time. How is it ? It's just like watching super HD and super 3D performance. They're too... real. :)
  • I tender my resignation on 25 January 2012. Currently counting my days for my last day which is will be on 30 March. I serve 2 months notice which is... super long. :p mostly my friends thought I'll be back for good to Indonesia.. hehehe, not even a glimpse I think about it. :p so, one of my resolution in 2012, accomplished.
  • Got a job already, in the same building, different floor. Decided to take or not to take this things for a couple of weeks. But well, this is the way I chose.
  • Preparing for 2 weeks holiday back to hometown, will fly to Bali to spend the-sleep-and-sleep holiday. :p Gonna meet an old friend there, my monster jelly. YAY ! It's almost 3 years since our last meeting back in Jakarta in 2009 tho. I miss him soooooooooooooo much !
  • Will celebrate daddy's birthday back in hometown, with his big fam. Mom can't attend tho, little sister is preparing her final exam... too bad. And I'll celebrate my birthday without daddy too. He got a meeting to attend on that day. Well.... can't complain much, yes ?
  • Bestie got a job here in Singapore. yay ! Just wait for her pass to approve.. and we'll be in the same city again ! sikasiiiikkkkkkk~
  • 2 bestfriends wedding in 2012. Congratulations girlssss !!! :)
  • Finally on January, got my S100 cam ! I brought it to the SS4SG concert, let me say, I love this cam so much. I love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ! Still need to learn a lot about its manual settings, but I'm pretty happy with the auto settings. :)
Soon, I'll have more time to update this abandoned blog. hahah.. not just updating my life in