Sunday, March 18, 2012


1 resolution in 2012


it's officially accomplished. yay ! I sign an employment letter alreadyyyyyyyyyyy !! *jogetpisang* :p I'll start a new job in mid April. and now am counting down for my last day in the current office. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY ! :P

I have 3 *yes, THREE* countdown list on my phone. My last day, my bali trip, my birthday. :) It's 12 days before my last day in the current office, 12 days before I start my bali trip, and 20 days until my 25th birthday. homagaaahhh.. saya hampir 25 tahun dan rasanya masih belon ngapa2in !

Anyway, forget about the birthday. I'll visit Bali end of this month. :)

rencana awal ? budget holiday, guling2an di kamar hotel, spa, baca buku, nongkrong2 lucu di coffeeshop, tidur.

Current itinerary ? visit Ubud, Potato Head, Rock Bar, Massimo, Jimbaran for seafood, meet up with an ex colleague yang sekarang kerja di one of the hottest place to get married lately *sigh*, then meet up with besties and her soon-to-be hubby which is uber coincidence banget lagi prewed photoshoot, an old friend who will be my traveling buddy for this Bali trip. it's gonna be superFUN !

Still contemplating to try Sunday Brunch in Boneka, St Regis. Review superb, and recommended by some of my friend and my traveling buddy's friend. But it will cost me IDR495,000 for the Sunday brunch. Shall we try it ? Check it here for further info. :) gak tegaaaa saya buang duit segitu cuma buat sekali meal, even dikate all you can eat juga. hahaks.

Again, trip Bali ini acara jalan2nya cuma kemana kaki melangkah aja. Karena itinerary gue itu brekkie di mana, lunch di mana, dinner di mana. behehehe.. gimana gak nggendut ntar gue balik dari Bali, yes ? :D

btw, sowwy potonya seadanya. lupa kamera gak kebawa, sampe rumah udah rontok pula langsung ganti baju trus ngeblog. :P

the outfit

tees : coconut island // short : pull & bear // shoes : melissa

on repeat

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