Sunday, March 4, 2012

my three months in two thousand twelve

So many stories since the last post. So many laughs since the last post. So many soul-less state since the last post. :)

  • I survived Super Junior Super Show 4 in Singapore last 18 - 19 February. Yep, another 2 days show in Singapore. Another Soul-less state night. I got the terrace for the 1st night, and the arena seat for the 2nd night. Terrace is our usual seat for concert, but the arena seat is for my first time. How is it ? It's just like watching super HD and super 3D performance. They're too... real. :)
  • I tender my resignation on 25 January 2012. Currently counting my days for my last day which is will be on 30 March. I serve 2 months notice which is... super long. :p mostly my friends thought I'll be back for good to Indonesia.. hehehe, not even a glimpse I think about it. :p so, one of my resolution in 2012, accomplished.
  • Got a job already, in the same building, different floor. Decided to take or not to take this things for a couple of weeks. But well, this is the way I chose.
  • Preparing for 2 weeks holiday back to hometown, will fly to Bali to spend the-sleep-and-sleep holiday. :p Gonna meet an old friend there, my monster jelly. YAY ! It's almost 3 years since our last meeting back in Jakarta in 2009 tho. I miss him soooooooooooooo much !
  • Will celebrate daddy's birthday back in hometown, with his big fam. Mom can't attend tho, little sister is preparing her final exam... too bad. And I'll celebrate my birthday without daddy too. He got a meeting to attend on that day. Well.... can't complain much, yes ?
  • Bestie got a job here in Singapore. yay ! Just wait for her pass to approve.. and we'll be in the same city again ! sikasiiiikkkkkkk~
  • 2 bestfriends wedding in 2012. Congratulations girlssss !!! :)
  • Finally on January, got my S100 cam ! I brought it to the SS4SG concert, let me say, I love this cam so much. I love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ! Still need to learn a lot about its manual settings, but I'm pretty happy with the auto settings. :)
Soon, I'll have more time to update this abandoned blog. hahah.. not just updating my life in

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