Monday, April 2, 2012

The Moment of Jleb

Guess where am I ? Hahah..

I'm currently in a runaway from the hutan beton life, spend almost a week in this heaven on earth, hang out, eat good food, visiting my bestfriend, pak chef piggy. Hihihi.. :)

Had a relaxing Sunday, if I may say. :) and with the help of cosmopolitan of pak chef piggy, there goes the talking about love. Never ending topic, isn't it ?

We talked. About my love life. About his love life. His girlfriend. :) You know the feeling of something missing and not right when your besties got a girl ? Yea. I'm jealous. Since the first day they're in a relationship. Hahah.. Feel like something stolen from me even he's not going anywhere tho..

But today's talking, about how he feels about his girlfriend, his future vision. He's serious about this relationship. Somehow I need to manage the feeling, yea ? I'm happy if he is happy. :)

Then here goes the talking about my love life. Updating him about the last boyfriend, the current crush, and all the stories behind. When he say "I know you want it. Deep down in your heart, even it's a small piece, you know you want it." That's my no 1 moment of jleb for today. Hhahaha. I don't even tell him in details about the guy..

Then there's times when he said "Remember when we still dating and I told you it's good to have a girlfriend and someone care about you ?"

And the closing moment of jleb, "be balance. More understanding. Don't act like the world revolve around you. I know you.. You do whatever you want to do, but remember the world isn't always about you"