Saturday, May 12, 2012

throwing it away.

Reading @deelestari timeline yesterday, "barang nostalgia : foto, diary, souvenir, dsb, masih oke disimpan jika barang tersebut masih membawa kebahagiaan untuk kita, bukan kenangan sedih"

Let me remember the memories for the last time, ya ? :)  ini nulisnya sambil mewek.

It's the only stuff that still related to him. It's obviously supposed to be his birthday present. Why this cheesy stuff ? It's not so cheesy tapi buat gue ini udah melebihi batas normal gue aja. It's the first birthday with me as the girlfriend. There's a looootttt other oscar award that wrote for the boyfriend, etc etc. Why "Happy Birthday to the Best" ? He was the best for me tho. As the boyfriend, as a bestfriend.

He's still in Indo back then. And I guess it's around 2 weeks after his birthday I got the chance to go back for some family occassion. There's some misscommunication between us and end up we can't meet in that weekend. I brought this back here again. I was about to give it to him as the welcoming gift and the belated birthday gift. Too bad we broke up before he move here.

So.. I keep it for about 2 years now, I think. Hidden in the wardrobe, try to forget it but didn't dare to throw it away. I guess it's about the time to throw it away.. :)

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  1. Jual aja di ebay... hehehe^^ Drpd dibuang gitu maksudnya *otak dagang* :P