Friday, October 19, 2012

Nonton teater !

Bolakbalik selama di sini gue mau nonton teater, dari Laskar Pelangi ampe Matah Ati, nggak pernah kesampean. Selalu bentrok sama acara laen. Padahal penasaran kan yaaaa !

Akhirnya sih kesampean baru kemarenan itu, pertama Cookin' Nanta ! trus peranakan family drama gitu (ato apapun deh itu sebutannya) Makan Nangka Kena Getah.

The musical has a simple back story of three cooks attempting to finish preparing a wedding banquet within a strict time limit while the manager installs his incompetent nephew among the kitchen staff. The show involves acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy, pantomime and audience participation. The unifying element throughout the musical is the use of traditional Korean samul nori music, which in this case in performed with improvised instruments, such as cutting boards, water canisters and kitchen knives. The performance is almost completely non-verbal. The very few words which are spoken are mostly in English.
Nanta ini komikal sih, gue baru tau ternyata uda dari taon 1997. Gue nggak sempet nonton pas kemarenan itu ke Seoul, dan yeaaaaa untung mereka dateng sini  (lagi!) hehehehe.. Walopun bayarnya nelen ludah ya, mahal bener kalo dicompare sama harga Seoul. *plak!*

Lucu pake banget ! :) nggak kudu ngerti korean kok, karena shownya sendiri pake bahasa komikal gitu. even the little kiddo can laugh kok.

Tadinya sempet majumundur pengen nonton ini, takut nggak sanggup bok soalnya kan bareng sama Bigbang concert weekend itu. Akhirnya mengiyakan ajakan temen gue dan nggak nyesel sama sekali ! *yay!*

Step into the fascinating world of babas and nonyas and find out what's brewing in the Lim family. You'll find it hard to resist colourful gossips and their wicked sense of humour.

MAKAN NANGKA KENA GETAH regales you with a richly woven tale of a Peranakan family struggling with sibling rivalry and forgotten secrets.

Madam Tay singlehandedly raised her two sons and a daughter after her husband’s demise. But feuds between the siblings taint the house. Eldest Beng Hock is a simpleton, younger Beng Seng is a crafty, grouchy man while the youngest, only daughter Cally is a graduate but good-for-nothing bum. Together, they are a recipe for gripping havoc. And when not all the daughter-in-laws in the family can be trusted, sinister is in the air.

Meanwhile, Bibik Joan, longtime confidante of Madam Tay, and also the neighbourhood gossipmonger, takes an impish delight in passing on tittle-tattles with traces of wittiness, or perhaps even wicked truths.

As the matriarch of the house looks beyond the veil of time and in the eyes of fate, an unexpected visitor turns up at her doorstep. Has Madam Tay been hiding a skeleton in the closet? Will it make a sweet antidote or a biting poison for the Lim family?
Nggak bisa compare ya bok, gue baru pertama kali nonton peranakan drama gini, lucu kok, kayak model nonton sinetron tapi ini live-action gitu. Sailor Moonn kali live action.. hahaha..

Bahasanya pake melayu, slang singlish, mandarin dikit, tapiiii... ada subtitlesnya di screen kanan kiri gitu. Lucunya kalo misalnya yang di stage improvisasi, itu subs bakal kecepetan.. hahaha.. kocak.

Oiya, thanks for the invitation baydewey. hehehe.. maklum, gue nonton gretongan sih. hahahahah..

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