Monday, November 5, 2012

happy 3rd anniversary, tiny island !

Eh telat deh gue, kemaren gue donggg udah 3 taonan sama Merlion. :)

Exactly 3 November kemaren gue 3 taonan sama Singapore. *cheers!*

Dear Singapore, please be nice to me. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu for everything, up to today, and many many years ahead. *cheers!*

Gila ya, time flies, nggak berasa udah 3 taon aja gue di sini. Rasaan masi baru kemaren kok lulus kuliah dan made a crazy decision to move to red dot. hehehe...

Spend the day with the besties, for the very first time nonton konser di Esplanade, and end the day with the superb delicious korean bbq.

Taon lalu ngapain ya ?

Geeeeeeessshhh... I'm so not in a good mood today, blame it on the weather.. bikin mellow ajah. *grumpy*


  1. Many more exciting years to come awaits for you.

  2. Hi, very interesting post this is. Please update about this are so brave to quit, I myself not very brave to quit my job although I cannot tahan.

    do you speak mandarin at work?

  3. fisty, thanks mak !

    anonymous, hello ! :)
    for me if the work is not worth it anymore, it's time to search for a new job. hehehe...

    I can't speak mandarin tho, but my colleagues are so nice to translate for me if they hv convo in chinese.. :)