Monday, September 9, 2013

owndays glasses

Owkay, so I've been jealous with my baby sister since she got her perfect glasses. The black frame, and it's kind of trendy these days, yea ? LOL. I mean, the size and everything was SUPER PERFECT. While me, I still can't find that kind of glasses. Huks.

But guess what, no more jealousy. I just found my favorite glasses. *winkwink*

This is the new shop in the Plaza Singapura extension, owndays, found it while I was strolling around there with my friend. 

The price is really reasonable, only from 99 to 199 if am not wrong. Bought one last week, and adjust the frame today. The optician said I need to comeback to adjust once in a while, since the frame is very flexible, so I need to adjust it if it loosen.. I don't mind, anyway. Since the frame is soo light.. *happy*